We are a visual system turning moments into magic.

Creating perfect images in camera is always our goal, yet creating a flawless campaign sometimes requires extra attention. Our postproduction suite is applied to all Instant Crush campaigns, let us show you how we can help you form your project into something flawless.

Colour grading is a standard included in Instant Crush’s service that requires time and expertise. We believe storytelling and the visual experience is intrinsically linked to colour, which is why we have professional colour graders based in Australia for both images and video.

See some examples of how impactful colour can be on your narrative.

Video and Audio combined to create a visual masterpiece. Taking your project from an SD card to a finalised product takes time and requires us to quite literally sit and watch everything captured and craft it into content that crushes.

Editing includes time remapping, audio editing, special effects and more.

Retouching by definition is when you manipulate an images content to include or exclude something that wasn’t or was originally present in the image. We take care of blemish removal, sky replacements, airbrushing, and sometimes literally turning frowns upside down in photoshop.

Not everything can go according to plan on set and sometimes it’s quicker for us to take something out, than holding up a whole production team while a carpet gets steamed.

Can you make my logo more interesting? Absolutely. A little bit of movement can take your brand to new places, pun intended.

Using animation to communicate elements in your story can be done simply, or innovatively. It could be simply making an email footer stand out or deleting invasive space aliens.